The battle cry

There is currently a thrilling, thriving and thronging debate upon all matters tax related. Twitter has become an explosive breeding ground for rich and informed jousts; a meeting point for the best and brightest from a range of professions and backgrounds. Blogs produce public battles to further buttress the 140character outbursts. Even more encouraging is the spillover effects that are becoming more evident-where public discourse sprinkles itself on the ice-cream cone of politics.

Nigel Lawson once wrote that the language used in Finance Acts is ‘so arcane as to bear little resemblance to the English Language’. This allowed the Chancellor to stick into the taxing provisions essentially whatever he pleased.

These ‘good-ol’ days when critical analysis was absent are gone.

But there is yet more to do. Politicians must be held to account on wholly unrealistic proposals; the public must be informed of the realities of our system; demagogy and reactionism must be countered. A sterling effort has been demonstrated thus far and it is simply not feasible that I continue as a spectator. The battle cry has sounded and I must join. So I begin the blogging journey.


About taxatlincolnox

Tax law academic. With this blog, I seek merely to contribute to the debate. All thoughts are mine, of course.
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