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State Aid, is it all encompassing?

State Aid, a constant in the headlines these days, arises where four conditions are satisfied: there has been an intervention by the State or through State resources the intervention gives the recipient an advantage on a selective basis competition has been or … Continue reading

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Should we introduce a sugar tax?

In July, the British Medical Association (‘BMA’) has called for a tax of 20% to be added to the cost of sugar-sweetened beverages. The calls comes as part of a package of reforms, such as subsidizing fruit & vegetables and … Continue reading

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Theresa May, Higher Education and Immigration

The Home Secretary Theresa May is said to be proposing immigration reforms which will prevent non-EU students from working whilst studying in the UK, will force those students to leave immediately on finishing their courses and prevent dependents or spouses … Continue reading

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Inheritance Tax, why even bother?

Given that the measure had been flagged for some time, few should have been caught off guard on Wednesday when George Osborne announced the effective increase in the Inheritance Tax threshold to £1mil by 2020. For those wondering why he … Continue reading

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