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Could State Aid Law protect Buy-to-Let Landlords?

The Guardian and The Telegraph have posted articles in the last week picking up the quandary of buy-to-let landlords. By a combination of changes in the summer budget and autumn statement, the previously lucrative venture whereby landlords would purchase property … Continue reading

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Lord Janner and a “ridiculous” trial of the facts

Is it ridiculous that the CPS is still considering a ‘trial of the facts’ of the recently deceased Lord Janner? Well, in the context, not quite. If it is ridiculous to have a ‘trial of the facts’ now, it must … Continue reading

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Morality revisited: Robert Ewing on the Duty to pay tax

Last week, I blogged about the Flour Tax: an episode from the 1930s in Australia which I came across whilst researching the history of the Australian Tax Office (‘ATO’). Another gem from this research is not a story, but a … Continue reading

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Flour Tax: the classic tax conundrum

The final stage of my PhD focuses upon the Australian Tax System, owing to which I have come in contact with some fascinating literature exploring the history of taxation in Australia. One book for instance, +400 pages long entitled: “Working … Continue reading

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