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To tax and to please

The life cycle of a PhD is curious. It begins with an awning vision and an inspiration to make a great change to the world. That slowly whittles as time and personal crises elapse, so that closing to the end … Continue reading

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Should politicians disclose their tax returns?

It’s been quite a week hasn’t it? Allegations of misfeasance, corruption, tax avoidance and evasion have been flying around. What’s curious about the fallout from Pandora’s Panama box is actually where we have ended up. This was a mass disclosure … Continue reading

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Panama, Tax Havens and Megacorporations

Full disclosure: I don’t trust today’s mega tech corporations. Undoubtedly, they provide services that we all like, and nowadays, even need. But I don’t trust the supranatural profits that they extract. That screams either market failure or monopolizing techniques, or … Continue reading

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