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Tax PhD candidate, College Lecturer and Tutor at Oxford University; Researcher at King's College London and Social Sciences Tutor with the Brilliant Club. With this blog, I seek merely to contribute to the debate. All thoughts are mine, of course.

Tax Exceptionalism – A UK perspective

In July 2016, I was tasked with responding to a presentation on “Trends in Tax Exceptionalism and Tax Litigation” by Professor Kristin Hickman of the University of Minnesota and Donald Korb of Sullivan and Cromwell. The event was organised jointly … Continue reading

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Studies in the History of Tax Law

The Centre for Tax Law at the University of Cambridge hosts a biannual Tax History conference. Papers selected for the conference are reviewed, edited and later published in the collection “Studies in the History of Tax Law” (published by Bloomsbury) … Continue reading

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Publication in the Bulletin for International Taxation

I have recently published a short article in the Bulletin for International Taxation entitled “The Relationship between Tax Authorities, Large Multinationals and the Public”, the abstract for which reads as follows: In this article, the author explores accusations levelled at the … Continue reading

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Remember that Swiss/UK Tax Cooperation Agreement? Vrang v HMRC [2017] EWHC 1055

I have written previously about the 2011 Swiss/UK Tax Cooperation Agreement (‘the Agreement’), which provided for UK resident taxpayers with bank accounts in Switzerland: to be subject to a one-off payment on 31 May 2013 to clear past unpaid tax … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Mansworth v Jelley hearing in the Court of Appeal

The author of this blog has written previously about the fabled ‘Mansworth v Jelley’ losses. It has been the feature of an extended published case note and two blogposts (here and here). The Court of Appeal heard the appeal in … Continue reading

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Mansworth v Jelley revisited in the Court of Appeal

Listed for hearing before the Court of Appeal today is the case of R (Hely Hutchinson) v HMRC. The case revolves around the controversial Mansworth v Jelley claims. The taxpayer Ralph Hely-Hutchinson was successful before the High Court in this judicial review (which … Continue reading

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Another ‘Accelerated Payment’ case, another loss for the taxpayers

Accelerated Payment Notices (‘APNs’) and Partner Payment Notices (‘PPNs’) have since 2014 been clogging up the Administrative Court. A rough estimate suggests that up to 87 cases have been petitioned for review.[1] In fact, there are currently 4,116 applicants or … Continue reading

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The Good Law Project’s Uber case

Jolyon Maugham QC recently started the ‘Good Law Project’, which seeks to “use strategic legal cases both to change how the law works and to drive demand for further law change”. The first such case seeks to challenge the business … Continue reading

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Gulliver v HMRC and the appeal/review distinction

Many countries operate a system of ‘rulings’ whereby taxpayers can approach the revenue authority of that country and ask for a determination in relation to particular elements of their tax affairs or in relation to specific transactions. Some countries have … Continue reading

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Case note in the British Tax Review

In a piece published in the March issue of the British Tax Review (available on Westlaw and here), I look at the recent case of Ingenious Media. This is a case I have blogged about on numerous occasions (here, here, here and here). … Continue reading

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